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An above average action shooter

It's a first person action shooter which has strategic elements sprinkled all over it. The plot in the game is that your character is running an anti-terrorist group who has been given the mission to rescue the US embassy officials who have been taken as hostage in the embassy building by some highly trained and equipped terrorists. You will start off by first placing your men and snipers strategically around the embassy to cover all the important positions such as exit points, doors and windows. Running and ducking is the ability that your men can use in the mission along with the shooting that they can do to kill the terrorists. The terrorists will be appearing at different positions randomly and you will have to be good in the placements of your men so that you can take them silently without alarming the others. You will slowly progress to the main building where there are three storeys and then you will rescue the hostages. The game is very good with the EGA graphics and the diverse level designs. The action sequences are supported by simple and smooth animations and the A1 is quite tough. It's not what you call top notch gaming action but is better than games like Capone.

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