Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Bridgestone Multimedia Group Medieval Arcade style

Sort of an edutainment, mostly an exploration adventure

There was this cartoon in the late 80s, that saw you traveling with a robot through the biblical times, getting so see different stories of the old and new testament time frame. This game here, an adventure at heart plays with the same ideas of time travel. Thus, you are marooned in time and space and you get a lot of different areas to travel and solve puzzles through. The links to bible and the edutainment value, from Christian point of view is there, it cannot be denied, but this is not your average bible explanation kind of game, nope, there are quite a few fun portions to it. Sure enough, the best thing about the game are the graphics, which are cartoony and clean. But there are also battles to be done, with cyber creatures, and the plot gets quite a few twists. At any rate, compared to something like Bible Adventure this is a much more serious game, with a stro0nger gameplay and stronger plot. Oh, and play Bible Builder too, especially if you are interested in trivia bible questions and that kind of a know the facts kind of mindset game!

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