Action 1993 Dos Miroslav Nemecek Arcade style Puzzle based

A Snake... train!

In Czech vlak means train, but in this game, your train is a snake, which needs to eat all the pellets he can get his head in front of, while also managing to find and get some other larger treates. So, yeah, Vlak is a Snake clone, but graphically, even if in 2D and very early DOS like looking, Vlak also has some inspiration drawn from the world of locomotive driven transportation. As with other snake games, you have to make sure that your train doesn't bump into itself, into the walls of each level and that, you grow as much as possible. Now, with a regular snake game, you'd just grow a blob or a small piece; here the same applies, but instead of another ring, you get to add a new wagon to the locomotive. There are animals, crowns, apples, and other such items to pick, and these will increase your cart number indefinitely. You can also increase the speed of the game, or you can play a sort of level by level campaign, where you need to pick a number of objects to start a new level. All in all, Vlak is a well done snake game, original enough, but still classic in build. Download it!

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