Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Interplay Arcade style

Great mixture of action and puzzles

This action game has a very deceptive look to it and really surprises you in terms of the features that it gives. At first you will feel like it is a simple side scrolling platform game that involves guns, but when you get a move on, you will in that it involves a lot of puzzles which have been mingled with great action and variety. It's very much the same action and puzzles like we have seen in games like Duke Nukem but has a lot more variety in terms of the gameplay. Starting with graphics, it has a darkish look to it but it is something which is with reference to the theme of the game. The graphics are overall good and smooth and enable the users to have a good view of the action. The controls have been synced fairly well and you can easily control your character or hero. The depth in the gameplay is due to its sci-fi theme where you have the feature to use remote controlled bombs, defy gravity, and use holographic bridge and potions for healing. The stages will make you scratch your head because they are basically puzzles where you have to do all the action.

Blackhawk (in western Europe)

Yep i loved that game in 1994, specially for me as an 14 year old boy it was uncut. If you play it longer than 1 day, and if you are older than 14 you will see that there are no more new puzzles.. no new weapons or anything. It's get to simple and just shooting Orks is not very satisfying. So if you look for an funny (cause of blood and gore) sidescrolling puzzle jump n'run take it and good... but if you knew "Another World" or "Flashback" take them they are better (in my opinion).

Blizzar'd Forgotten Gem

The entire experience is crafted by Blizzard, it's one of their lesser known titles. Blizzard is the same software juggernaut that brought the world Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo. In a sort of "before they were famous" segment, they created Blackthorne. You can also see some early artwork that would later evolve into the orc horde from Warcraft. This is an amazingly deceptive game. A first look makes the game out to be a typical side scrolling platformer with guns. However, after an hour of playing, I discovered it's more of a platformer puzzle, with combat thrown in. Each screen is a puzzle of some sort, sort of like what Prince of Persia did. Just replace swordplay with gunplay. Since this is a sci-fi setting, you can do all sorts of things like using remote controlled flying bombs, anti-gravity lifts, holographic bridges, and healing potions. Sometimes that's all it takes. If princes, viziers, and dopplegangers aren't your style, then a rogue lone savior combating an evil alien empire, might be. It's bound to keep players scratching their head in some of their puzzles. It's really a great puzzle action game.

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