Car War

Racing 1990 Dos Gaping Wolf Software Arcade style Car and action

Forward scrolling shoot and drive game; simple yet fun

Car War is a sprite based, simple and yet very well produced forward scrolling game; it's EGA graphically, released in 1990, and it was a freeware title. It's more of a game that was a test for the developer to either learn to program or to see how it was all made. But even so, the idea is the following: your car moves forward automatically; the road is full of other cars that shoot at you or just get in the way. Shoot them! You also encounter barrels or some other nasty road blocking thingies; avoid those! The more you survive and the more cars you destroy the more points you have. You play to reach a certain destination, which is expressed in terms of how many miles you still have to go with the car. Once you've depleted this meter, the level is done, and a next one is generated. It's definitely a game that screams freeware from all its pores, but it's playable, and if you like these little playable oddities, Car War won't disappoint. So have it in your collection, it won't disappoint! A better game, overall, in terms of production value, yet still based on sprite technology is Lotus, which is surely better graphically, design wise and more diverse. Still, both of them are basically built on the same technology and thus give you a similar vibe.

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