Racing 1985 Dos Dosbox Konami Shoot em up Arcade style Car and action

Simple, undemanding arcade fun

An early driving game from Konami, Roadfighter is a simple but highly addictive time-waster that is perfect for brief blasts of high octane fun. Similar in style to the classics Spy Hunter and APB, Roadfighter takes a top-down, vertically scrolling, 2D approach and requires players to drive their car at manic speeds, passing opponents and avoiding the copious obstacles which litter the course. And that really is all there is to Roadfighter. Despite the name, there is no actual combat to be found here, something which would have added to the enjoyment factor, and while there is a nice variety of tracks and backgrounds to add visual appeal, they are all essentially the same in terms of gameplay. Graphics are as you would expect from the period, basic, blocky and lacking in detail but they are perfectly serviceable and do the job well enough. Controls too are simple, requiring little more than hitting left or right to move your car, but there is a fair degree of challenge on display here and certainly enough to keep old-school arcade fans interested for a while, addictive as the game is. Those gamers used to modern racers with all their bells and whistles would be best advised to avoid this however.

Very old school racing game

This is a very fun old racing game with a very simple objective - you race on a track and have to surpass other cars, while avoiding accidents (like Wacky Wheels a bit). While very simple, the game is tons of fun . Firstly, you have to avoid other cars that are trying to push you out of the way and destroy you, checkpoints that you have to reach before you run out of fuel and there are also some special pickups that give you power boosts and enhance your performans. The track are very nicely designed and various, from cities to coast lines, to kill the potential boredom. The game plays very smoothly, in simple but very convincing graphics and with pretty realistic sound effects, and the controls are very simple, too. Most racers will probably be set off by the game's simplicity and old graphics, but the game is despite that very addictive and exciting, and is capable gluing you to your chair for hours, no problem. This game is one of the classics in the arcade gaming.

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