Crazy Cars 3

Racing 1992 Dos Dosbox Titus Interactive Arcade style Car and action

Fun arcade racer with sprite graphics

Crazy Cars 3 develops the recipe that was put forth by the older games in the series, by pimping this game with nicer looking graphics, with a more well responding set of vehicles and with more mayhem to give you a real rash of enjoyment. The way many sprite based, front advancing tile based racers are in error is in never managing to capture the physicality of the vehicle you are racing. Sure, they try their hard to make that vehicle look as if it si affected by the road, but rarely try. Crazy Cars 3 almost manages this perfectly, as the vehicle needs to be steered with care in order for it to stay on track, it responds to the twists and turns and elevations in the ground and so on. Also, the graphic style reminds of arcade classics such as those in the Outrun series, which leads to further enjoyment and adrenaline. I do recommend this racer, for its great feeling cars, relatively diverse tracks and its numerous improvements over its predecessors, which were great games as well. I recommend this game even to those that do not generally fancy 2D sprite based racers, as it really is very good.

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