Turbo Car

Racing 1987 Dos Dosbox Doug Ross Arcade style

A racer that won't give you a single thrill!

Turbo Car is one of the most lenient, most lacking in fun games that I've ever played! Not that it's not good, nope, it actually is one of the best at being so...uneventful, but still, it feel like trying an idea that doesn't suit a racer. Graphically, it uses very alright green (and sometimes magenta) sidewalks/edge of the road textures, while the road is black and at times it also throws in a few additional road side... attractions, in the form of trees and other such elements. So, as you see, Turbo Car is a very nice game, sprite based tech wise, with good controls and also, with an alright vehicle feedback, for those kind of games. And so, Turbo Car makes a good overall racer for those that don't want to race fast! Are you one of them? No?! Well, then, I'd say, a good alternative to this snail crawler in disguise would be the mighty fine Turbo Champions, which knows how to be exciting, even if still confined to the very same sprite based, front advancing mechanics. So, maybe, giving this one a go, in favor of Turbo Car would be a much better choice!

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