Cisco Heat

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Ok sprite based racer

Cisco Heat is your regular sprite based graphics racer, featuring backdrops that are modern city stylized frames and that offer you the chance to get into some conventional races within the bounds of the genre. The graphical style is OK, with rods that sport both elevations, a good number of side of the road signs and boulders and other elements that increase the variety of the roads. Also, the vehicle moves rather OK through this environment and the few vehicles you can choose from all sport different styles and different sets of characteristics, making your choice relatively relevant. At any rate, all of the problems of the sprite based graphics are there also. If you hit another car you turn into a set of prerendered animations that have little to do with your speed, the physics of the impact and so on. Thus, the game simply feels too simple in this aspect, too unpolished. You will not feel as if your car is really there, a problem that most such games have had. But, of course, there is something fun about these types of games too and Cisco Heat does manage to bring some of that feel to this game as well. So, if you love sprite based racers, Cisco Heat will deliver a good punch, but do not expect it to elevate its condition, because it will them end up disappointing you.

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