Racing 1991 Dos Dosbox Lankhor Formula one Arcade style

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Sweet 2D sprite based racer!

Don't expect state of the art graphics from this little cutie, or accurate simulation or anything too serious; what this game does is take you back in 91, when a bunch of sprites that were coming towards you and nice engine sounds that were emitted by your internal PC speaker were all that was needed to put you in a good mood. Just like the Lotus series or the Outrun series, you will love this one if you love pure arcade racers, that don't care much about realism or about semblance of realism. But, frankly, when you're tired of some pretentious driving simulations you'll love this game's charming simplicity and straightforwardness, its tracks that are relatively diverse and its colorful nature. Play it we you want to relax, when you want to be reminded why older games had so much charm instead of being visceral and in your face. Also, prepare to be swooped away off your feet after the game sets in, as it simulates speed quite nicely, so you can have a nostalgic, thrilling well constructed experience.

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