Card Hunter Sakura 2

Simulation 2001 Windows DK Multimedia Cards

Sakura Captor themed fighter

The beauty of Card Hunter Sakura 2 is that it pits unlikely fighters in the ring: there are girls scantily clad with anime features, though still very classy and well, family friendly, managing to be as aggressive as you'd ever expect. So yeah, it's the clash between the violence and the beauty of the fighters themselves, sort of like in Guilty Gear. Unlike GG though, this game is not as developed in terms of the combo system. Not nearly as many variations per fighter, not nearly as many options that make sense. So, you'll probably end up using only a small fraction of the moves a fighter has, and also, a smaller portion of the fighters will make sense, play wise. You can play the story mode, or you can challenge a human player. Also, the game is a bit short, in the story mode version, as it only has 11 stages. As an addition to the core gameplay, you can better your fighter by adding up to two perks, delivered via cards. The story mode also makes available the fighters you've defeated, as their card becomes available in your own stack. Anyway, I till played it, despite its issues, just because the game is indeed beautiful, and has a very articulate Japanese manga feel to it.

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