Blood Money

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Horizontal shooter Flight shooter

Well executed left to right space shooter

Blood Money is a perfect example of a fun, not too fast/not too slow, lateral scrolling shooter. You control a copter which is tasked with avoiding incoming missiles, shooting down the enemies and battling the many and diverse bosses. Graphics wise the game looks great, with vibrant colors, not too original but well executed enemies and a copter for your protagonist's flying vehicle that is rather cartoonish but well caught in the overall design of the game. You will not face any impossible or frustrating situations, as the game is rather tame in its difficulty, but later on you will have to negotiate your trajectories rather better while trying to shoot down enemies that require more attention. This makes the game a good overall experience throughout, so, you'll want to add this to your left to right horizontal scrolling shooter in space list, as it is sure fun to play, while rather relaxing and tame. So, just to be safe, make sure you understand teh genre and that you're into it. This is not a game that is hard but it does have its parts where you'll be bound to have to replay for a few times. If you can't have that, rather don't go for it.

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