Clone Invaders

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Desconocida Aliens invasion

A clone of Space Invaders; very, very similar

Clone Invaders almost feels like a remake of Space Invaders which endeavored to realize nothing other than to be as similar to the original as possible. Thus, waves of invaders, neatly colored as in the arcade original descend from the ski and want nothing but to destroy your little ship. Also, what the game does is offer you a nice multiplayer mode, which of course was not in the original game; thus, you will be playing with two ships on the ground, and the enemies while not doubled, are however dropping more bullets on you and are a bit faster. I'd say, have it in your collection only for this advantage of being able to shoot in multiplayer mode, with your friends, when you want to relieve a classic game. But, all in all, Clone Invaders is a pretty cool and well done clone of Space Invaders, and it doesn't really want to create anything different. And so, Clone Invaders is a great arcade, almost a remix, but not quite. Oh, and besides keyboard controls, it can also be played via mouse, so modern controls await in this one!

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