Castle Elsinore

Adventure 1992 Dos Temple Software Multimedia novel

Explore Hamlet's castle in text based format!

Castle Elsinore is a digitization in word form (a text based adventure) that drops you in the well known castle of Elsinore, where some of the action of Hamlet takes place, and, there, aided by a relatively well behaved parser, you can go on and explore all of its secrets. This virtual text based tour is cool, but, the fact that there are treasures all over, that you just have to collect, kind of breaks the immersion; it could have worked just as well as a virtual tour suite, without any further game like elements. But, well, since there aren't many other alternatives to visiting Elsinore, I guess you'll have to get used to mulling around large quantities of gold and what not. The game processes commands of up to two words, so, give that you know this limitation from the start, you get a better chance to interact with the game and just go about your business, without no issues. The writing is pretty nice, sometimes with descriptions that are a bit too wordy, but overall the game does a great job of it all. A better alternative is William Shakespeare's Hamlet: A Murder Mystery, which is Hamlet the play in interactive form, adventure still and definitely a more aural experience.

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