Castle of the Winds

RPG 1993 Dos SaadaSoft Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

A great dungeon crawl

Castle of the Winds is by all means a typical, but very underrated dungeon crawl game that will mostly discourage the player from playing because of the less than average graphics, but is basically a very fun and addictive game that most Dungeons and Dragons players will definitely like. The plot is very basic for this kind of game - you are an heir to the throne that has been usurped by some douche and you have to find a very powerful magical item that will help you in the quest to take back the throne that is rightfully yours. In a dungeon that is 25 levels deep, you will fight an array of monsters, find treasures and other powerful magical and non magical items, and improve your character stats. No matter how basic or typical the game seems, it is indeed a very fun and interesting game and the lousy graphics and audio are worth disregarding, since the gameplay and fun value surpass that problem by far. Old school dungeon fans and modern rpg (like Diablo)fans will both be immersed in this fun, exciting and highly addictive RPG game that lives on despite the huge passage of time. Highly recommended!

Ignore the graphics

The graphics on this game are appalling, but ignore them. This game is scarily addictive and fun. I found it years ago and wasted many hours happily playing this game. I don't believe that it would even feel outdated today. If only the graphics were better, it would be perfect!The fun lies in the random items you pick up. Some come from monsters, and others are lying there in the middle of the dungeon. There's exploring to do and more. What are you waiting for?

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