Ultima 7: the Black Gate

RPG 1992 Dos ORIGIN Systems Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

The best Ultima Series game ever

The seventh edition of Ultima series, Ultima VII: The Black Gate was released in 1992 and became a great hit. Almost 21 years gone and still it is enjoyed by RPG lovers. I love playing this isometric RPG game and by far it is the best game amongst all the Ultima series. You will play as the avatar. The story begins with the appearance of a creature "The Guardian" on screen. The Guardian advises the Avatar to return back to Britannia. The guardian makes everyone to obey him through his black magic. Avatar then returns back to Britannia and meets lolo who tells the story and asks the avatar to investigate a cycle of strange events. Ritualized murders made the city quite and no one knows what's happening. Now it is up to you, the avatar to solve the mystery and uncover the mysterious things in Britannia. You have to go through different levels. Undoubtedly this game is the father of all modern RPG game. With great graphics and sound effects of this classic game you enchant you if you are a classic RPG fan, so, go ahead and download this gaming history gem.

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