Shadow of Yserbius

RPG 1993 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeon exploring adventure

The game has an adventure theme and is among the very first games that were played on a network. I still remember the time when this game first came to the scene, I was really excited to play it on the network where I could also chat with other gamers and bring them on board. Anyways, the plot of the game is that you will play as an adventurer who will set of for a dungeon adventure and will also be exploring the core of the volcano and will go deep inside it to unfold a lot of mysteries action and adventure. As the player moves on and explores, a lot of new experiences will pop up and the story will unfold itself into an exciting domain. It is played from the perspective of first person. They have not been so good with the graphics or you can also say that it was the best they can do at those times because there were not many games that had good graphics in that era. However, the gameplay is amazing because the adventure theme is very creative and the game is full of variety in terms of surprises and the gaming options. The sounds are pretty average as well but the game is a good fun time pursuit. For dungeon game lovers, Dungeon Hack is another exciting pursuit.

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