Castle Wolfenstein

Arcade 1984 Dos Dosbox Muse Software Single screen Military

Exploring the Nazi castle in early day 2D!

Wolfenstein will come to revolutionize the world of first person gaming and shooting, but, in 84, if you wanted to escape a Nazi hideout, you had to be alright with 2D ZX Spectrum level graphics, that were primitive and, to the modern eye, even a bit funny! But, the thing is that once you get used to the slow crawl and cook that this game offers, you are going to thoroughly enjoy it! The castle has many secrets, many Nazi enemies in need of shooting and a whole bunch of secrets, just looking to be uncovered and used to your advantage. Except for the shooting you also solve mini puzzles, generally in the realm of finding a key, and then using it where it needs to be used. But, no matter what, the game gives you a good deal of options, and so the graphics take a step back and won't really matter after you've set into a groove. And, if the offering of the mid 80s doesn't impress, well, then you have all the Wolfenstein games in first person to sink into, that really blew my mind away back in the day! Heh, I guess they don't make them like that anymore, but a retro binge in 2D or early 3D is always exciting and interesting to sink into every once in a while!

Action game which has set standards

It is one of the most popular arcade games which really have some great action and a wide variety of features. You play an allied soldier who has been captured by Nazis. The mission that you have is to make a great escape by killing or by avoiding the Nazis guard that has been placed at the castle. The gameplay is from the overhead perspective and involves some of the best 2D graphics of this genre. The graphics are not stand alone feature here because the exciting action and the thrilling adrenaline rush are also quite fascinating for an addictive gameplay. You set off with a gun that has been given to you by your fellow prisoner and also have a ten bullet clip to complement it. Guards when killed can be searched out for finding more bullets or you can even break the supply boxes for this purpose. You can also use grenades to kill guards and to break the concrete walls. The grenades can also be timed to make them strike the guards that are present in the opposite side of the brick walls. The great thing which I like is that every time you play or you are killed, you have the option to select a random castle or play with the same one. This adds a great variety and fun to the gameplay.

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