Beyond castle Wolfestein

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Wolfenstein - cool even before it was cool

Everybody knows Wolfenstein for the fantastic Wolfenstein 3D action game about the guy who goes through mazes and kills bad Nazis. But not many know that that game was inspired by the arcade game Castle Wolfenstein. This game is the sequel to that great game and if that was a masterpiece, then this game is even beyond it. You are given the most important mission ever - to kill Hitler himself! Beyond castle Wolfenstein has even a few very cool additions - you can bribe guards to let you through and sometimes you have to be sneaky - if you are found when you kill a guard, an alarm triggers and especially tough Nazis are here to take care of you. As in the last game, the graphics are not state of the art, but that doesn't kill the excitement a bit - the game is fun as hell. If you are a Wolf 3D fan, you will absolutely adore this game. And if not, you will still love it for the sheer excitement and fun the game oozes with. Absolutely perfect!

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