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Build castles for peasants!

Castles is a strategy game that is based around expansion offered to you as an equation of building castles. As the title suggests! You find a place to build, at first trying to make do with your very limited budget, and then, slowly trying to expand as you gain more and more resources. But of course, you can't just build castles and only castles; there are churches to build, there are stables and housing for the peasants, the work force without which the castles would crumble in a heartbeat. And, of course, at the tip of the iceberg, there are the military forces and the work forces of the game, which add money to your treasury, give you the work force to keep building and expanding. It's, in a way, like a prototypical Settlers, similar in some ways graphically and controls wise, but, you know, just the game that sort of tried to piece together the idea, but never ran with it completely. But it's definitely a fun game, and it combines a large scale map, on top of which you sort of try and see what needs to get done where, and then you've got your small scale building oriented map, which is delivered in a cool isometric kind of production, that allows you to create walls and to select your units more easily. Yes, it is not too much of a strategy in terms of the military action, but it works. Easily works!

A fun but not too hard strategy game

Castles is a very neat medieval strategy game which can be best played in multiplayer. Your task is relatively simple - build a castle and arrange its defenses to thwart waves of attacks from the Celts. The beauty of the game is that the design of the castle you build is almost completely up to you, the number of options is almost countless. While you build the castle, you have to keep track of your occupants and workers, as well as your army, all the while watching your finances. You also have to make some diplomatic decisions that will determine your political and social status in the gaming world. It's a shame that the battles are automated and you don't get much of a say in the process of warfare, but you can determine how will it go by how you arrange your defense on the castle. The game is not too complicated so I think this game will be best for novice strategy players that will like a nice and fun game that won't challenge them too much. The game's design is simplistic but nice for 1991 and the animation is very good. It's fun to see all those little people squirming around while building your castle or fighting to defend it. If you like medieval strategy games that are not too hard, then try this game. If you're up for a bit more of a challenge, give Lords of the Realm a shot.

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