Metal Marines

Strategy 1994 Windows Mindscape War Isometric Building

Take the fight to the enemy!

Metal Marines is far from a classic piece of strategy gaming, but if you fancy something a bit different in the real time strategy genre, and have exhausted the delights of Command & Conquer or even KKND, then this might be worth a look. There's a fairly complex piece of background setting to the game, which describes how the Earth has been dramatically changed following a terrible war, with the continents now shifted and many cities lost to the oceans. A mad despot has now taken over the world, so it falls to the offworld Colonial Forces to save the planet and which basically involves sending in fifty foot robots to crush his armies in tactical combat. In gameplay terms, this translates into an isometric strategy game, where you control the good guys in a series of missions across the islands which now form much of the planet. You have to worry about a lot of things, from building bases, to maintaining resources to attacking your enemy. There's a wide range of buildings to use, including fake HQs to confuse your opponents, while there's also a good selection of units to try out. Metal Marines isn't stunning but for a solid slice of old-school strategy, you could do worse. The setting isn't particularly original, but it works and the island-based nature of the missions does lend the game a certain character. The range of options is decent enough to keep you playing for a while, and there's a good sense of challenge which helps matters. The visuals aren't spectacular and there are some technical issues, but this still manages to be reasonably entertaining.

You will be pleasantly surprised

Metal Marines is a strategy game published in 1994 by Mindscape and developed by Namco. Strategy games often give the fans of this genre multiple options to exploit, an attractive setting, style and interesting themes. Well, this game fits perfectly in the description. You will have the opportunity to test your skills and tactics in the futuristic scenario presented. The action takes place in the year 2117, when you run a military force whose main unit is a robot called Metal Marines, that can be sent to attack. The Antimatter Cold War caused damage upon Earth, and Zorgeuf is also responsible for the disturbances created. You have to defeat him and his lieutenants. There are some maps where you can put commander bases, and if they are destroyed, you will lose the battles. You must also concentrate into managing your own resources, by creating new buildings and upgrading the existing ones. I am sure most of the strategy game enthusiasts will expect this game to be similar to Warcraft or Starcraft, but they won't receive what they want. However, Metal Marines represents a new enjoyable challenge, that will leave them pleasantly surprised. The graphics look good, so the sounds, and the gameplay is totally addicting!

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