Catacomb 3D: The Descent

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox SoftDisk Publishing 3D

See the catacombs in fluid 3D

Catacomb 3D: The Descent is a well produced continuation to Catacomb, which was a slow burn run through this space that just was made to be explored, like a sort of Wolf 3D with less enemies or challenges. But, with all its issues, and all its lack of elements that are interesting or cool, from an action game perspective, Catacomb 3D: The Descent is pretty well produced, and it will definitely keep you busy for long hours. One thing that I loved about it is that while it could have, it doesn't go out of its way to bring about more textures or more graphics, just for the sake of diversity. Nope, it uses the tilesets it has in order to bring about levels in which you don't get lost (or, alternatively, levels that are so constructed to be a bit confusing!). But, in this one you have a radar, in the form of a compass, and so you at least know in which direction you are headed. So, all in all, Catacomb 3D: The Descent works fine, has all the necessary elements you'd want out of it, and it is a beautiful, well produced game. Give it a go!

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