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Fight simulation with diverse gameplay and good graphics

It is a fight simulation game where the combat will take place in an arena where you can either do the combats with the A1 players or can involve in battles with your friends and mates. The A1 player are really competitive and they really enhance your skill so that you can defeat your buddy in the combat. You will have a variety of different weapons and can also select a power plant to aid the weapons. The A1 players at different levels have their varied strengths and difficulty and this makes the whole arena set up very challenging. The best thing which I loved while enjoying the game is that the arena set up can be edited and molded for which there are a lot of possibilities and options. The customizable setting really enhance the attractiveness and the diversity of the gameplay. The graphics in the game are very good and every arena has its unique backgrounds or level designs with each being distinct from the other. In terms of the sounds, there are numerous soundtracks and all of them gel with the combat themes. The game is real fun and involves some very good action.

Battledrome review

Battledrome is an arena combat sim based on the MetalTech Herculoids. This is strictly arena combat. It was meant to be played between two players, via modem, but does include several AI pilots to sharpen your skills on.You start with a base model Herc that you outfit with weapons and powerplant of your choice. Then you either challenge or are challenged by other players (real or AI), negotiate arena conditions (several possibilities), and even make wagers. Afterwards you take your reward, if any, and repair/upgrade your Herc only to do it all again.Can be very fun in the H2H mode but the AI becomes predictable after a while. The arena environment is rich and graphics are well done. There are several soundtracks to choose from too. Its a good idea to have the manual for this as there are some in game features that are not very intuitive.Score this an 8 out of 10

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