Caterpillar Construction Tycoon

Simulation 2005 Windows Activision Science Building Civil

This caterpillar blade is down... for a reason!

Nope, sorry, this is not the way to make a game worthy of playing! Sorry, if you thought that simulating the day to day going ons of a caterpillar worker is done this way, nope you were wrong. Here's the deal developers, these games will only interest a core audience, of, generally, technicians in the field or people interested in the machines for whatever fetishistic reasons. So, if you really want to create a game that someone will actually play, you actually have to sink some effort into them, really look like you care. Nope, this is a click fest at the most, designed for people that obviously haven't really looked at what goes on in the business. Weirder still, the other games that have been dedicated to caterpillar fanatics, namely MatchBox Caterpillar Construction Zone and MatchBox Caterpillar Big Dirt Movers both managed a really well thought out game experience, as I said, one that is also capable of enticing people of the industry, from actual caterpillar operators to business operators and managers in the niche.

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