Bridge Builder: Planen, Bauen & Testen

Simulation 2004 Windows Halycon Media & Co. KG Building Civil

Plan, build and test... a bridge!

Oldie as it might be, and based on very flimsy and not that granular mathematical and physical laws, this is a great bridge building simulation. It is not entirely without merit as a serious edutainment title, but, yet again, it is by no means a game that is going to be taken serious by civil construction engineers. Naturally, for a bit of an arcade simulation with a thorough math base within, it will entice those that love to tinker with things, and, especially, those that love to see things fail! So, as the name suggests, you are going to be building bridges only to see them stressed and eventually torn down! This second part is not going to offer a lot of fun to those that love the destruction of buildings for its graphical nature, but more for those that want to analyze why the building/bridge collapsed. So, yeah, not for eye candy lovers, but more so for the lovers of engineering, and for those lovers of trying to figure out engineering challenges. Also, quite easy to sink into, even for non math heads, as it can be played without having to read a treaty on material science or some other ideas of the same nature. SO, yeah, it's this or World of Goo, whichever you find more to your liking as an angle on bridge building!

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