Evets: The Ultimate Adventure

RPG 1988 Dos SAck Enterprizes Fantasy Third Person Turn based

It's ASCII adventuring time!

Roguelike fans might be tempted to check out this fairly obscure little addition to the genre but despite its addition of several interesting features, it unfortunately has a few too many flaws to make it a classic. If you have played Rogue or Hack, you'll have a good idea of what to expect here but be prepared for a few variations to keep you on your toes. Unusually, you actually get to control a party of adventurers and the game starts out with their creation, in similar fashion to D&D-style games, with several races, classes and alignments available, as well as some points-driven stats. You don't have to worry about equipping them, but many upgrades are available as you progress. As usual, the game is viewed top down, with ASCII graphics to represent the various monsters and goodies to be encountered. Combat here is turn-based, with five options, these being fight, use a spell, use an item, parry, or run, and when you're up against a party of monsters, you will have to think carefully about how to take them down. You get gold and experience points as you defeat monsters, which are both going to be needed as the game gets pretty difficult. While this could have been a great roguelike experience, thanks to is introduction of a party-based system, it's unfortunately let down by a fairly awkward interface which makes the game somewhat jarring. It takes a little while to get your head around things like the magic selection process, which can prove frustrating when it needs to be fluid. If you can get past such (fairly significant) niggles, there is fun to be had here, but you have been warned.

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