La Abadía del Crimen

RPG 1987 Dos Dosbox Opera Soft Isometric Fantasy Third Person

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Based on Umberto Eco's novel; good action adventure

I would have liked if the game was a bit better at underlying the themes and the motifs that lie at the core of this game, which are those of human faith, the struggle between intellectuality and belief and the struggle of man to come of age with his own animalist nature. But, of course, only so much of those themes that the Umberto Eco proposed, and gotten through to the movie, and even fewer of these had managed to make it into this digital game. So, what we're left with is a classic third person isometric perspective game that is more of a raunchy little action game, with only snippets of text managing to bring about more to the surface, you know, manage to allow you the space to form some higher level ideas about what the book or movie was all about. Naturally, La Abadía del Crimen could have been more, but then again, it's good enough the way it is, that is, if you don't expect the same level of commentary to spawn from this game, as the book or movie were a home of. From that perspective it's more of a crime solver, thriller game, more akin to the movie, and pretty bland even at that. For a better, improved game, yet the very same game as the original, download Abadia del Crimen, La (Remake), the remake released in 2008, which ups the graphical ante a lot more.

"The name of the Rose" game

This is considered maybe the best game ever made in Spain. It's based in Umberto Eco's book 'The name of the Rose'. The company, Opera Soft, couldn't obtain the rights to publish it under the original title. The game has an incredible IA taking into account it's an 8bit game. You have to investigate and uncover who is killing other priests, and at the same time, fullfil your daily labours not to be dropped from the abbey. One hint: it's worth giving the game a try at least until Day 5 to see all its splendour, because at first you may think that things may look linear. I can tell it's one of the most difficult games you'll gonna play, but the best is that it's more challenging than frustrating once you get acquainted with the controls.

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