Dragons of Flame

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox SSI Fantasy Adventure style

Sidescrolling adventure based on a RPG series

This is the second game in a series that was looking to take the tropes, the feel and the characters from famed Golden Box RPGs (such as Ishar) and port them into a simpler yet very fun sidescrolling game world. And so it did, the first game that got the treatment was Heroes of the Lance while this second game, Dragons of Flame was a sort of continuation of that game. Not as much in the idea that these games were to be one on one remake, but rather in the feel and the story that was told, which, in all honesty was done nice enough. Sure, those that have experienced the SEGA great Golden Axe series might feel a bit underwhelmed, but remember, this game series here, Dragons of Flame and its brethren has some other priorities. But, gameplay wise it's all about unromantic left to right fun, which can be very satisfying, especially if you love the treatment of the fantasy that is attempted. I found the game a great relaxing experience, only here and there spiked with more dramatic challenges, so that the game winds up feeling really well put together overall, which is all I would have asked of it anyway. So give it a try and see for yourself!

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