Tennis Cup II

Sport 1992 Dos Dosbox Loriciels Racket

Amazingly well reproduced and delivered tennis game

Sports simulations on the PC have their own fads, graphics wise, genre wise, mechanics wise and so on. However, at least for the simulation driven gamer, the later titles simulating a sport generally have a better chance of actually playing or engaging you in ways that are or share some qualities with that actual field, real life game. However, down the line there are those titles that manage to be so well done, well executed that you really want to play them regardless of the others that come after them. Because, with the resources available at that certain time, and within the constraints of that genre and the developments available to the game designers, the game still manages to pop out of its shell and to just keep you entertained. And for me at least, Tennis Cup II does just that. Graphically it's a 2D from a back of your player perspective. I love this because it isn't disorienting, and I don't have to put up with camera clutter, those subtle moves that modern games try to offer you, just so it all looks better. Nope, it lets you play, and the animations, of your player as well as these of the adverse player are subtle enough to let you know where a ball might go, though now and then, as it should be, it's all a crapshoot as well! So, do play it, it's one of my favorite tennis sims, along with International Tennis and Great Courts 2 (and Wii Sports Tennis, as well, so maybe I'm not that pretentious after all, hehe!).

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