Tennis Cup

Sport 1990 Dos Dosbox Loriciels Racket

Third person tennis, playable but pretty oblique

Tennis Cup is an alright tennis game, that uses one of those false 3D third person perspectives, in truth it being a 2D sprite based game. Overall, it is a playable game, but the animations are a bit too sparse, the frames of animation, and the movement of the tennis players is very disparate. This leads to control issues, and at times you'll have problems understanding why, even if you do the same things, some balls you can return and some don't. Who knows, maybe there is a sort of counter that calculates your chances of hitting the ball in the background. However it might be done, though, it is pretty unappealing and pretty boring, to say the least. As I said, the animations impede you from controlling the game as you'd want to, and thus, it would hard to say that the controls are smooth, though they seem responsive enough. Well, better download Tennis Cup II, this sequel fixed some of the issues and made animations more fluent, and thus turned this series to an actually well enjoyable one.

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