Stick Soldiers

Action 2002 Windows Whitespace Unlimited Humorous Shooter

Pencil like soldiers having at eachother!

Stick Soldiers is a sketch like mini wargame, pretty cool well designed and also pretty interesting in terms of the strategies it uses. It's, if you will, a tactical level wargame, like a caricature of a more serious game. But its inner design is actually pretty neat, and makes this game highly playable, and you won't feel like this is just some joke game; it's actually pretty serious and pretty well done. There is, along with the shooting and wargame like action, a portion that is all about platforming and also a survival game. Your stick men squad will get upgrades if it survives. Thus, you'll even grow attached to your little men of war. Thus, you'll find yourself trying to play conservatively later on, as you might have done in Cannon Fodder, where a soldier once gone stayed gone for good. The game also has lots of maps which allow you to use diverse strategies. But, the best tactic/strategy is to use cover as much as possible. Your soldiers don't take long to fall, so you better play conservatively. Also, given the game's black and white, blue print like levels, a game editor has been included as well, which is so easy to use. Heck, you can even include blue prints of actual floors of homes if you want!

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