Arnie 2

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Zeppelin Games Military

Top down shooter with a miniature Arnold!

I guess securing the rights to use Arnold Schwarzenegger's name wasn't really in the cards for the developers, but that didn't keep them from creating this top down action shooter game, with a character that is as badass as the true Arnie! At any rate, expect action and shooting from a top down perspective, set in a diverse enough set of instances. The games also requires you that you be as mobile as possible or that you hide behind certain obstacles in order to avoid being shot, as the game is not too kind to you being hit by projectiles. All in all the diversity of scenarios is not the highest out there nor is it too disappointing, so for a couple of hours you'll be satisfied. Graphically the game is alright, not too fancy, nothing too original. (many set pieces are used over and over again, unfortunately, so that can become annoying after a while). But at any rate, Arnie 2 can be just as apt a timewaster as Rambo 3 or as one of the Gauntlet games. (and to be frank, a little more advanced graphically than both these games).

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