Soldiers at War

Strategy 1998 Windows SSI World Wars Organized forces Military

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Come on boys!

The sequel to Wages of War, Soldiers at War is, like its predecessor, a WWII squad-based tactics game, which plays out like a mix of X-Com, Laser Squad and Jagged Alliance. It's not a classic entry into the genre, and is perhaps easily skipped by those with only a casual interest in such things, but if you do enjoy a bit of turn-based strategy that's dressed up in WWII clothing, then it's certainly worth a look. You find yourself in control of a squad of American soldiers who are charged with going deep into enemy territory and carrying out a series of daring missions. These include the likes of assassinations, espionage, and demolitions and will see you making your way through a series of European landscapes, by crawling, running and sneaking your way past enemy soldiers. Of course, you have access to a variety of authentic weapons, with the ability to scavenge those of the enemy, while you can also choose from 32 troops, each of which have their own unique skills and abilities, but who can die permanently along the way, so be careful who you pick. There's nothing staggeringly new on display here, but Soldiers at War is well enough executed that any lack of originality is easily forgiven. The visuals are obviously a little dated, but still look quite atmospheric, with a nice level of detail and some impressive environments to explore. The combat is challenging and tactical, requiring some serious strategy to complete, while the range of missions and options is also quite impressive. The interface can be a little clunky but apart from this, this is a fine little game.

Easily one of the best out there

Throughout the campaign, your crew becomes much experienced and stronger. But not to worry, the game gets a lot harder and tougher too, so by the time you get to the final scenario, you'll be virtually sweating in effort. Other than the campaign, you can play a good amount of stand-alone scenarios and there is also a scenario editor which means you can create your own custom scenarios for maximum gaming hours. This means that you can easily spend months playing this great game before you get bored. You can play the game from the perspective of the Americans, Germans and even Italians. The user interface is easy to get and the game's AI is fantastically written and definitely gives a good challenge. The game is very interesting, addictive and fun to play. I can't say that it's one of the best, but it's pretty damn close! The graphics of the game are of a very good quality, which makes the gaming experience even better. The game provides a very good time for many hours and all fans of the genre are encouraged to get it.

Great war game

Saw is a turn and squad based WW2 game that takes place in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany. It has the option of being played as a campaign or a single mission. A downloadable patch is required for mission 16. It can be slow and frustrating at times. It is not anything like a first person shooter, but it always fun fighting smaller scale missions that are created as parts of the famous battles. The inclusion of the vast weapons is a bonus and being able to pick up a sturmgewehr44, an MG42, the BAR, Drum Tommy Gun, Springfield rifle or the FG42 machine gun is always fun. The game is dated now and has some cumbersome gameplay features, but I still enjoy it.

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