Pea Shootin Pete

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox MindStorm Software Military

Compelling blasting action

Anyone who enjoys the likes of classic arcade shooters such as Space Invaders or action/puzzlers like Pang will be right at home with Pea Shootin' Pete. While deceptively simple stuff, this little game offers a neat range of shooting gallery fun that is guaranteed to keep your occupied on a wet Sunday afternoon. The game is very similar to Pang and for those unacquainted with this classic, the goal here is to blast a series of bouncing balls until the level is cleared and you can advance to the next one. The trick here is that some of the balls start out large and break up into smaller ones as you shoot them, creating a high level of mayhem as you run around trying to deal with the myriad chunks hurtling around the screen while desperately trying to avoid being hit. Later levels add in a few extras, like weapons, new enemies and the ability to slow down time but the general principal remains the same, although this is no bad thing. While undeniably straightforward and little more than an exercise in pure high score achievement, Pea Shootin' Pete is a fairly charming and addictive little shooter. The visuals are simple but effective, with Pete himself a charismatic little fellow, but the gameplay is the star here and it is generally compelling stuff, if you're in the right frame of mind. The game gets suitably manic once the balls start flying and it takes reflexes and skill to see your way successfully to the end so if you love twitch games and pure action, as in Pacman or other old-school classics, then you will be right at home here.

Fun pop them up game

This action game though looks quite simple but turns out to be very addictive as you go on to play it. What you have here is a small shotgun through which you need to shot down peas that are on vertical balloons. You need to pop them till the time they get small enough for disappearing. After popping the balloons, you will advance on to the next level. The game might look simple to you, but initially it's very tough because you have to learn to avoid the balloons before you go on shooting them. The smaller ones can get really hard to avoid and you need to be very still before you take the shot. It also has some good variety of power ups that fall down when you pop up the balloons. The graphics are very colorful and attractive and it also has items which can slow down the pace of the balloons and can even make them freeze for a while. The one thing which you will find this one is a very addictive gameplay which counts the most. Shooting game lovers can really enjoy it as it is an overall good package of fun, graphics an addictive game play.

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