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Animated jigsaw puzzle puzzler

Flixmix is as classic a jigsaw puzzler as they get, with one exception. The jigsaws themselves are animated, not as in, they have legs and hands and other limbs and dance or fight with eachother, but, as in, the snippet of picture they show is a piece of the larger GIF like animation. Yeah, I guess there's only so many ways in which you can revive an old puzzle classic, but, for what it's worth, Flixmix does a good job. Besides, when you finally get to fit all the pieces together, what you get is little bits of cartoon animations, which is pretty neat and cool, if you like such animations. Also, what the mini animated bits do, is, at times, it makes the puzzle a bit harder, and rarely, they make it more facile. But, nonetheless, for a classic jigsaw puzzle, I think this addition will not disappoint. Also, Flixmix packs quite a few puzzles, some more difficult with more tiles, some simpler. Try it of you like puzzles that have a quirk, but ultimately offer a classic type of challenge. Another cool cartoon inspired puzzler you should download is Jigsaw freeware 95 which also sports images of cartoons, this time motionless, though.

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