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Early, minimalist but playable

Forget about tutorials, about additional content, about witnessing the most interesting and challenging chess matches of the past: in Chess you will play chess, again a variable difficutly AI, but that's mostly it! No additions, no extras, just the core game, in back and white, with graphics that look like they belong on an Atari 2600 console! But, if simple chess is what you want, this is a good game to get it from! Also, it's a marvel of technical achievement, as the installer is oh, so small, probably a little heftier in data size than this review1 But that was the canvas that had to be coerced into being a game in the very early 80s, and this game proves that a lot can be done with very little! So, try it, it's a game that demonstrates that smart programming can overcome technical limitations, and that if you set your mind on something you can achieve it! Alright, I probably slipped into a murky territory of seeing too much into this game, but, nonetheless, it is a working, nice, well rounded program, one that demonstrates that chess is fun even against a very basic AI! Try it or download a Chessmaster game around, of you crave more additional elements to your core game!

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