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From tribe to clan against your friends!

Incunabula is a strategy game in the style of Civilization, however, this is a much shorter, much more compact game, and one that is aimed towards shorter skirmishes between human players. However, if you can't get to play with the 6 players that the game supports, you can always combine the AI with your human players, if you want a map that is more challenging and more capable. At any rate, Incunabula is a top down, well crafted game, that allows you to see a small tribe upgraded to the level of an empire nation. It's a cool experience, all in all, like I said, not as complicated as your Civ of choice, but nonetheless pretty similar. You have to be careful so as to use your units in the best possible fashion, manage to capture as many resources as possible. You play turn based, and you can construct alliances too. One weird aspect of the game, is that you can assign commands before they are executed, but command execution is not done in order, but rather at random. This can have a few effects that are undesirable or unplanned for, but since every player has the same issues, it pretty much works alright. Worth it for strategists that want a shorter skirmish civilization building game.

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