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Digitization of the board (or math notebook!) eponymous game

Maxit is a graphically simple digitization of the game of the same name – Maxit, which offers you a whole load of options when it comes to numbers games. It is fun to play, graphically well executed and for the most part it gives you all the elements that you require to keep playing for long hours and get as much form it as possible. Yes, the ASCII character set is used for the graphics, but that doesn't matter, since all you get in this game is the game board, and the numbers, plus the additional info that is to be found at the bottom of the screen in text and numbers. So, the game plays a bit like Sudoku, but not quite. You select a number and the AI or human adversary chooses his own. Then, depending on the choice of game, you continue to choose numbers, that correspond to the chosen criterion, until no more option (numbers) are left. It's engaging, and it won't tire you that much if you love math based problems, that never get too hard, that is! And the choices that you make also have a certain dose of logic query about them, which makes kind of has an aural intellectual heightened state effect that is refreshing. So download and play it!

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