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Superb chess-based puzzler

This rather curiously titled little game from Spain is not in fact another chess experience but is instead a puzzle game but which uses the moves from chess to largely decent effect. It's certainly engaging and original enough to warrant a closer inspection by anyone with an interest in puzzle games. The player takes control of a disembodied hand and must guide it through a series of maze-like levels. Each level is dotted with chess pieces which must be pushed out of the way in order to allow progress through the maze. However, the trick is that the pieces move in the same way as if they were on a real chess board, so that for example, bishops move diagonally, rooks horizontally and knights with their curious one step forward, two steps to the side motion. There are also several other items in the maze, including boulders which can be smashed by knights, teleporters and boxes, which the glove can also destroy. Chesshousers really is quite the unexpected delight and makes for a supremely challenging game. If you enjoy puzzlers such as Chip's Challenge and the like then there is certainly much to interest you here. The mazes themselves are cunning and extremely well designed but it is the addition of the chess moves and pieces to the game which is its masterstroke. You now have to think on a whole new level of movement, rather than simply pushing blocks around as in other similar games and this adds a fantastic element of challenge. The visuals might not be spectacular but this is of little importance when the main gameplay is sol solid so if you have any interest in puzzle games, this is a superb treat.

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