Chess 88

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Simplicity and elegance define this game

Chess 88 is your basic chess simulation, offering you noting bar a table, an AI opponent that can slide up or down on a difficulty bar, and, also, the bare minimum in terms of graphics. So don't come here if what you want is diversity, that isn't going to happen. Instead, if you want a game that focuses on the core aspects of chess, with bare minimum distractions, this can be a great game. Sure enough, the game was designed more out of a wish to see if the designer could program a game of chess all by himself, and, truth is, he managed quite a good job. However, and maybe this is a positive, maybe it is a negative, the AI can be quite inconsistent at times, especially in terms of on the field strategizing, which it doesn't excel at. But, you know what? For moderately proficient players this can be a great AI, because it is bound to mistakes and inconsistencies just as you are. So, overall, Chess 88 is a fun, slightly unbalanced but alright game, mainly for median skilled players, or for those that want a barebones production that works. For everyone else, a 180 degrees the other way game like Battle Chess for Windows can be just as entertaining.

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