Meteor Mission

Arcade 1995 Dos Kurt W. Dekker Shooter Futuristic

A lone astronaut on the Moon! Lots of action!

Meteor Mission is a sidescroller action game, delivered in subsequent one screen levels that explore the misadventures of an astronaut that has been forgotten on the Moon! However, rather than just staying there, stranded, just waiting for the end, bored to death, waiting for the air supply to end, this alternative universe has a Moon that is full of traps, bombs, areas to go over, and more than anything loads of action. But then again, you don't play some helpless astronaut either! Your little guy can jump, can fight, can shoot and generally you'll be as busy as you can be! It's a cool looking game that wears its DOS clothes pretty neatly and never really leaves you down. So, overall, Meteor Mission is a great shoot em up, with a few puzzles sprinkled here and there for amusement, that really take will keep you entertained. So, overall, Meteor Mission is worth looking into, and you should definitely try it, if you love classic shoot em ups sprinkled with a few environmental puzzles, to complete the picture. And download Moon Patrol, if you feel like Moon exploration from the confines of a... jumpy moon rover!

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