CHAMP Asterocks

Arcade 1997 Dos Dosbox CHAMProgramming Shooter Futuristic

Remix of Asteroids; classic and championship mode

CHAMP Asterocks is a very well polished, modern version of Asteroids; it is not, however, a remake, as much as it is a remix, a reimagining of the game. The idea is that the graphics have been updated considerably; the asteroids consist of many more pixels, they are more diverse; sure the gameplay is unchanged – you still have to try and shoot the asteroids while staying out of their way, by maneuvering your little ship with care, by pointing the tail thruster in the direction you want to move; the same move, but in reverse, is done to slow down. Once you get a grip of this mechanic you can go on and execute really cool parades in the 2D space, and even manage to avoid collision courses with asteroids by the skin of your teeth! So, the two modes: the classic is classic, you just have to survive each wave and as you complete one you move on to the next level; the other mode, the championship one is set in one single level, and you have to gain as many points as you can, until, eventually, an asteroid takes you out of the game. Great fun, relaxation and, if you love Asteroids, this one will definitely be a great one in your collection.

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