Chickie Egg

Arcade 1994 Dos Cartoon

A remake of Chuckie Egg; fan made but sizzlin`!

Chickie Egg is a fan remake of the sidescrolling arcade action/puzzler Chuckie Egg, a game where you had to collect all the eggs from your hen house. It's definitely a whole load of fun,it's got beautiful graphics, it's also got great, well satisfying animations and background graphics, that look definitely less pixelated than in the original, and other than that, the original gameplay is the same. You have to go from hen to hen and collect the eggs, and you have to be fast, take the shortest route and try to take as many eggs as possible. It increases in speed as you go, so it's the kind of game that has you relaxing, totally caught in the game. It's definitely not a serious game, but it's well realized. And, to its merit, the controls work flawlessly, as they should, given that a game such as this one requires fast twitch response and a great deal of concentration. And, also, it's pretty addictive, as the original was, because the repetitious actions really set you in a grove that is hard to escape. So have a go at it, it's a remake worth playing, even more than the original game was!

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