Jetsons Space Race

Arcade 1996 Windows Platformer Cartoon

The Jetsons can never be late!

I for one always thought that the Jetsons where the grand/grand/grandchildren of the Flintstones, but nonetheless, that doesn't matter in this platformer! What matters is that the members of the futuristic Jetsons don't run late: for work, for school, for shopping or whatever it is that they have to do and wherever they need to get at the moment! The game delivers these activities sidescroller bop and jump style, and you have the entire family to take care of! Phew, quite the workload! But don't worry, all the Jetsons are fun to play with and each one has their own special moves or the little thing that sets them apart. You will, however, have to avoid bumping into other spaceships, and you will have to drop each member of your family where they need to get. Also, given that the future is overcrowded, you also have to take into account that the Jetsons need to avoid space jams, and so, you can expect a... bumpy space ride! Naturally, this is not a long lived game, but it sure can fill a few breaks, and also, it can be a great way to relive some of the joy of watching The Jetsons! Give it a try and download The Flintstones around for a ride in the primeval past!

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