Shakii The Wolf

Arcade 1995 Dos Dosbox Microforum International Platformer Cartoon

Family friendly platformer with a fun protagonist

Shakii The Wolf is a really nice, colorful platformer game, one that will really be loved by kids and by adults with a sweet tooth for colorful, childlike productions. As it is developed with children in mind, for a seasoned player of arcadey, platformer games, in sidescroller fashion, this one might feel a little on the easier side. But worry not; Shakii The Wolf is still a great, quality game, one that really will keep you entertained for hours, granted, that you don't expect it to make your mind churn with complications! Instead, rather allow your children or your nephews or whomever else is still of age to love this game to try it and you just watch their excitement! Yap, it's a cool such a game, where you can intervene and interject, here and there, while allowing your little ones to keep the platformer torch live, hehe! Shakii The Wolf, I'd say, doesn't really have the strength to be a Super Mario kind of deal but it sure has the staying power to be fun for a few good hours, without question.

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