Chrono Quest II

Puzzle 1989 Dos Infomedia France Platformer Historical

Get back to your time period

Chrono Quest II is a first-person perspective point-and-click adventure game brought to us by Infomedia France. The game's story follows up from the previous Chrono Quest game: after catching up with the murdered who killed the protagonist's father, our hero tries to use the Explora to get back to his own time. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and the main character is thrown into an unknown world. Your task is to find the necessary metal for the Explora. The game plays like any ordinary point-and-click adventure game: you get objects, explore the landscape and solve puzzles, all of these in a first-person perspective. The puzzles are quite challenging and fun, even though the story is not that all exciting. The UI will turn off some at the start of the game, but it's just an ilussion of a complex game. It's not really that complex. The graphics are quite good and colorful and the MID quality of music here is great for DOS standards. All in all, Chrono Quest II ia a fine little adventure game that you should give a try.

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