Jewel Quest 2

Puzzle 2007 Windows IWin Casual Minigame Arcade

Let's break some jewels!

Unlike other puzzle games, like Tetris, Jewel Quest delivers a challenge and fun at the same, as well as some twist in the gameplay, making the game more interesting. And don't think that this is one game you can finish in one sitting, because the game features around 180 levels, which is quite much. The basic rule of the game is simple: match at least jewels in a horizontal or vertical manner, let some more gems come into play, hope to score a combo and redo the same thing until you complete a level. While this sounds simple, the developers have implemented some mechanics that will make the game more fun to play. First of all, there are coins between the jewels, which aligned, can give you a special power to use in case of emergency. Another feature is that some jewels are buried in rock, so that you need to break the rock by aligning in order to move that jewel. The boards takes different shapes and sizes as you progress, so you won't to play on the same board over and over again. The graphics are quite beautiful and the sound effects are great for such kind of casual game. Highly reccomendend to the lover of this kind of arcade!

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