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Get rid of the robot adversaries!

Autobots is a sort of skirmish/strategy game where you control an army of robots, doing indirect battle against the adversary robots, controlled by the AI or by some second player. The game plays pretty nicely, for the most part, but it can be quite hard to control, since you don't really tell your robots where to go and what to do, but rather, indirectly, control them via magnets. Thus, you will feel a little underwhelmed by how the game is set, and how it runs. It takes a while to get the idea behind it, but once you've began to get your footing, you can be sure that Autobots is down on the right path. And so, Autobots does a great job of playing well enough. It's well developed, pretty charming, all around, and, most of all, Autobots looks nice enough. Also, it has a secondary gameplay portion, that used teleports and a sort of wargame feel to it, so pretty strategic. So, at any rate, a good alternative can be P-Robots, somewhat similar, yet with a unique feel of its own too. Robots rule, anyway, so if you feel like that, both games are great alternatives!

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