Weird Dreams

Puzzle 1988 Dos Dosbox Rainbird Platformer

An average puzzle platformer

It is a sci-fi game which involves elements of action, adventure and puzzles and is very complicated and weird in terms of the plot or the theme it has. Giving you a side picture of the plot, you are having a surgery and have been put to sleep. The strange thing is that you will start to counter different dreams which are basically the platform of the gameplay. You will start off as being turned into a small sized person struck in some machine which you will first escape and then you will be chased by some bee that will cause you to select on the mirrors in the rooms where you are being chased by the bee. The stages in the game are different set ups or adventure in the form of deserts, man eating rose gardens and some very complex and unique situations. The graphics have been designed well within the theme of the plot of the game. The controls in the game are very swift and the UI has been designed to help a lot of support to the gamers. The variety of options is also diverse and the replay value of the game is a very high. Autobots also has a great theme and good hybrid action.

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