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Get waggling!

This is a rather bizarre little experience that is a bit like a more arcade oriented take on the classic Great Escape. It's probably not for everyone and is very much a product of its times but for a nice slice of retro fun, this is an obscurity worth seeking out. You take the role of the comic character, Bobo, who has been sentenced to 17 years in prison. The idea of the game is to play through various mini-games which represent various parts of his new routine. They're all quite different but essentially boil down to some good old joystick waggling, like Track & Field or Boot Camp. So for example, one game sees you in the canteen, serving soup to the other inmates, which requires you to move around, keeping their bowls filled, while another sees you peeling potatoes, with the goal of getting as many done in the time limit. Another one sees you helping out an escape attempt and which requires you move a trampoline around to assist your fellow inmates in bouncing their way to freedom. You can play the games in order or just pick and choose the ones you want, with the added bonus of playing with up to six people. This is by far the best way to play and in this sense, BoBo makes for quite an entertaining retro party game. Depending on the version you're playing, the game also looks a treat, with some lovely comic book characters and environments, while the whole thing is laced with delicious slapstick humor. The controls can be a bit suspect at times but apart from this, BoBo is a nice little curiosity.

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